Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big ups

I was clearing out my email archives the yesterday and inadvertently came across this gem from Charlie sent to me earlier in the year:

From: Charlie []
Date: 16 Feb 2007 02:15
Subject: Word to my mother
To: Davey


Last Monday Mum and Dad left Australia for Europe. They flew out of Sydney airport, so in the morning they caught the bus from Canberra to Sydney.

Extract from an email from mum:
Hi Charles,

Yes, flight was good thanks and it is good to catch the bus to Sydney from Canberra because we just pulled up straight outside International airport and walked into check in with a few hours to spare. Sat next to a rap group sound engineer - group was called "
Snoopo Dog" and they had been at the Gold Coast for 2 days only from California. However they now have a break for a month before heading off to Europe. He was a delightful young man. The rapper himself was not on board but 2 of his musicians were.

Priceless. I'm surprised Mum said he was nice. She usually only has time for East Coast rappers.


Cath said...

"delightful young man".... I bet that will go on their next album under their dedications.

Milly Moo said...

That reminds me of the time that my Mum met 'The Damned' at her Sydney hotel in 1987 - they were touring on the back of their hit single 'Eloise' and to respect their original punk fans of 1977. She told me, "I sat to Rat Scabies, who was very polite. Very thin and pale but nice to talk to as we both waited for our taxis."

davey said...

Without a doubt, it will be in there right next to 'fo shizzle my nizzle' and directly under the headline 'Groupie Luv'.

I always suspected that your Mum was eleventeen thousand times cooler than me, and with the simple utterance of 'Rat Scabies' I now have categorical proof. Would you mind asking her to return my music esteem please?

kiki said...

i have a similar story about my grandpa and the Beatles