Thursday, January 22, 2009

Signing Off


I finally reached the end of the internet; I have read every page on both sides... which is the only reason I read yours. While nothing you wrote seemed remotely interesting (although that Cath girl seems interesting, please send nude photos) I was fascinated by the concept of small celebrity heads.

Last year I was awoken one morning by uncontrollable full-body twitching, and was subsequently diagnosed with PANDAS (Pediatric Auto-Immune Neurological Disease Associated with Streptococcal); a self-limiting disease whereby a full 8 weeks after I had a sore throat, my immune system mistakenly attacked a part of my brain responsible for movement called the Basal Ganglia.

The upshot? When my 3rd neurologist wanted to see a twitch, he made me count backwards from 100 in 7s, which made me twitch with each iteration. From there I discovered that not only was Maths a trigger for twitches, but Geography, and incredibly, Miley Cyrus too.

Please find attached my therapy.


PS The Gaslight isn't the same without you.