Friday, June 15, 2007

Playing chicken with trucks

Kids are an amazing source of wonder, there's no doubt about it. Not only is everything new and exciting, but when you're a kid you haven't had time to work out what not to say; which is why they always say the most awesome stuff. Like, "I do wee-wee's from here". Classic.

This weekend I've been spending some quality time with my family down in Canberra. My immediate family consists of my Mum, Dad, sister Claire, her husband Jeremy and their two boys Angus (9m) and Oliver (3yr). Jeremy likes them to be known by their AKAs: Goosey and Olay Beast. Since these are the raddest names ever, I'm going to refer to them as such from now on.

Mum was telling me a story over dinner about the last time that they were taking the boys home from Gymbaroo*. Lately they've come to realise that it's a really bad idea to let the boys sleep in the car ride home - it basically means that they'll be tearing the house up all afternoon (trick of the trade #476: letting kids recharge is asking for trouble).

Solution? Well, originally they tried belting out renditions of 'Old McDonald had a farm', but i guess the repetition factor of that tired old number wasn't keeping up with the demands of your new age, mass consuming 3 year old. Damn you Wiggles. When will people learn?

Anyway, mum made up this new thing where every 30 seconds or so she'd get super excited about something.

"TRUCK! Oh a truck. Did you see that truck? That certainly was a truck."

And I guess it kind of evolved into this thing were she starting saying it like a chicken.

"Oh a truck! Truuuuuuuuck. Truck Truck tck bck bck bck bUCKERRRk!"

The boys of course thought this was hilarious, and pronounced it so by erupting in peals of laughter every time mum started up her buckerk thing. Mum totally thought that Olay Beast was down with the gag too, until the other day he comes up to her and says:

"Hey chicken. Where's the truck?"

I don't know whether we should be really worried or calling NASA. Perhaps something he said to me over dinner tonight may help lead the way for us:

(confidentially leans over to me)
"Hey. I'm going to go do poos, then I'm going to come back here and finish my dinner. Okay with you Davey?"

Dude, as long as you quit mentioning poos while I'm eating this here curry, you can do whatever you like little man. You have my blessing.

* some kid thing where they bang stuff to music and make all sorts of noise. The adult version is called ' a pub'.


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you sure do have patience with 'em....:) your blog just made me's the simple things in LIfe :)

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