Thursday, July 19, 2007

Annual strategy and brainstorming meeting for Doorsigns Inc.

CEO: Well, we've had a pretty prosperous year all things considered. The 'No junk mail' signs have been a big hit, and I think we'd be wise to invest some heavy marketing dollars into the public awareness of them during the first fiscal quarter of this year.

The long term outlook for our 'Beware of the dog' signs have suffered to some degree due to a resurgence in the popularity of cats, but I think that with some broadening of our colour scheme we can safely reclaim some of that allusive market. I hear that cerulean and magenta are hip with the younger 'x-treme' generation, who could be key in this area. Take a note, Brian.

Now I'd like to open the floor to anyone who might have some new ideas for potential signage.

Bob: Personally, I'd like to see some 'No prostitutes here' signs introduced. You know, so that people know not to knock on my door when they're looking for hookers.

CEO: Bob, you've done it again.

Not. Even. Fuckin. Joking.


Mikey said...

One of my dear friends happens to live next door to a transvestite brothel on cleveland st. She gets regular visits from confused punters. I'm sure she'd find use for sign like this.

Eleanor Bloom said...


And to the above, the poor lass, that would be quite annoying. She could also just put: Vote for Howard on the door. That would keep them away.

Loved the 'junk mail' sign marketing. Priceless. :)

davey said...

Completely serious! That's what we thought too Mikey, obviously it must have been some old brothel or something and they figured a sign would be easier than answering the doors to potential weirdos all the time.

Now they just have weirdos taking pictures of their door.

Preferable, but only just.