Monday, June 11, 2007

Best forms of transport ever - the definitive list

In reverse-order of necessity

  1. Meandering
  2. Horse and chariot
  3. Mower-wheel billy cart
  4. Backyard detergent water slide
  5. Paraglide to lunch date
  6. Bungi jumping zoom canon through ring of fire
  7. Bat pole to bat cave transfer
  8. Luge propulsion sling
  9. Ludicrous speed
  10. Saying 'Hi', disappearing in a puff of smoke, walking out of the closet saying 'Aha!'


Eleanor Bloom said...

I highly approve of this list - although I can imagine your friends prefer *not* to meet you for lunch...?

I'm rather fond of stumbling, teetering on the brink, segways, flaming uni-cycles and making an entrance with a swish display of my ability to moonwalk (especially if my frock is more elegant from the back).

davey said...

Thank you for your suggestions Eleanor. I will endeavour to table them before the board during the next review meeting. I think we are pushing to expand the list to 20 within the next 6 months or so (depending on our fiscal situation at that time), so finger's crossed.

Just quietly, your frocky moonwalk entrance is sure to make some waves among the board's more stately members.

I mean, it's the bloody MOONWALK.

Anonymous said...

this was ridiculously funnY!