Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Looks Like a Job For..

Went for two job interviews today. Although I am probably the most unemployable ratbag of an occupational health and safety disaster waiting to happen ... um... person that I know, I do hold an unbeaten interview record; in that I've never been to an interview and not gotten the job. Pretty scary really, considering I'm coming off the seedy end of a 5 month travelling bender and currently about as employable as a Commodore 64 tape cartridge.

The first interview was for a lovely little NPO called The Learning Trust, who are based in Hackney, which as you know, would be very convenient for me locality wise. They basically deal with the administration of all the schools and learning centers in the Hackney area.

These jokers made the completely transparent play of sending one of their really hot colleagues down to collect me when I arrived at the front desk this morning. Little do they realise that I fell for it completely! Ha! Anyway, I thought the interview went really well and 30 minutes after leaving, the recruiter called me up and offered me the job. Queue celebratory dance - which coincidentally looks just like the mambo with a few 'Heys!' thrown in intermittently.

This afternoon I went to another job interview for a smaller company based in Shoreditch, which is a really cool part of town a 20 minutes bus ride away. Great looking company, really young and innovative and I'd get to learn a lot, which is good thing for someone in the ever-changing nerd business.

Now, although I went in bolstered by the confidence of the previous job offer, for some reason this one was bad from the start. They asked me questions on things I had slightly lied about on my CV, I laughed at inappropriate places and didn't laugh when I should have, and I'm not altogether certain but I might have been wearing my underpants on my head.

I left with my tail between my legs, and thankfully with my underwear back where it should have been. "Oh well," I thought "at least I'm still addicted to crack and have 5 kids I've never met." I then tried to name all five of them, but got stuck on Roger. It really wasn't my day.

Then the phone rang. "Hi David, this is Pete from the interview... could you come in tomorrow to meet the CEO?"

Apparently a discerning admirer of pantular headgear. I accepted.

.. Which one though?

1. More money, NPO, cooler office, walk to work, hot colleague
2. More innovative.. umm.. that's about it.



kiki said...

number 2

you don't want anything to do with british schools.

eleanor bloom said...

Innovative and learning a lot sounds good. But it sounds like you like the first place (which also sounds good). I suggest you imagine the place without the hot chick; then sort out how both will benefit your future career path/resume, blah blah.

Other than all that sensible stuff, really I think just go with your gut.


Judy P said...

Do you feel like being challenged and moved along at the moment or do you want to just enjoy earning the big bucks for a while?

Judy P said...

Hey Davey,

I'd recommend to go and innovate for a while, get the old propeller going again. Rob

davey said...

And the winner is.. number 2!

When meeting them again this morning, a higher role was offered which would give me some great opportunities to grow. Instead of being a 'code monkey' I could instead be a 'design monkey' which basically involves an infinite number of monkeys trying to write the works of Shakespeare. You know... that old chestnut.

Anyway, I'm really excited. Blah blah, enough boring work talk.

Thanks for all the advice yous!

The Blakkat said...

Well too late to offer advice - so congrats instead. Don't neglect us with all that innovating you'll be doing, though.

davey said...

Wouldn't dream of it. Unsupervised you guys would run amok.

eleanor bloom said...

Congrats!!! Am very happy for you.

(Although, I'm confused... do monkeys like chestnuts?)

davey said...

These ones do, they're CRAZY bout em. I'm all like "hmm now where's my chesn.. Ack! Damn Monkeys!"

Thanks for the congrats. I'm really excited to finally be getting paid. My two minute noodle and pond water diet is killing me.

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