Friday, September 21, 2007

2 days to go, and officially shitting myself

Things To Do Before I'm 30
(23rd September)

  1. Champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon Lacking ballooning skills and suitable romantic counterpart
  2. Invent hover board (c) Universal Studios ergo high litigation potential, not to mention lack of technical know how concerning hovering
  3. Get married / have kids One week not long enough - blame late generational awareness
  4. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich and determine requisite answers through the bottom of an impressively large glass.

One out of four aint bad I guess!


eleanor bloom said...

1. Does that mean your pirate tales have been based in truth? Sorry to hear.
But, if there is some fact to them, in other ways, it also means you might not be able to captain a balloon but you're mighty fine on the high seas.
Regardless, ballooning is a wee bit dangerous (esp after partaking of bubbly).

2. Hmm, hover-board. Also dangerous and really rather '80s. I'd stick to your swagger as a means of transport - that way the ladies can keep up with you.

3. Also somewhat dangerous. Wouldn't be rushin' this one me lad. Enjoy your youth and freedom, and attracting fair fillies with your fine swagger.

4. Awesome! What more could you ask for in saying a fine fair-thee-well to your twenties and a howdee-do to the big 3-0! To be surrounded by beer, beer and more beer; buxom serving wenches; and hairy-legged men in silly outfits dancing about to irritating tunes? Well... 2 out of 3 ain't bad. ;)

Enjoy! Happy Birthday!

Maxine said...

Happy birthday on the 23rd Davey.We all miss you very much downunder. Be sure to catch Rob's wonderful poem on Purple Fig - 'Travelling Davey. Also 'Not in Sydney' for some politics. (EB might find this one interesting too - though she may have seen it already in the SMH.)

davey said...


1. Erm, yes. Perhaps I should be more heavy handed with my metaphors next time! You know, to avoid future historians categorising my work wrong, and stuff.

2. Small problem in that my swagger is quite hasty. Will attempt to slow it down a touch, in an effort to attract more gaggles of females. Thanks for the tip.

3. As above. Thanks.

4. It was so much fun! I sunk my bodyweight in beer, banged my stein on the table lots, and met a dubiously diagnosed asperges sufferer. He was also a massive nerd, so we got along famously.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Thanks! Will post a link to it up here soon. It was lovely.

Mikey said...

Happy 21st Birthday Davey!!!

davey said...

I like your style Mikey, you can stay.

Jayne said...

Happy belated whatsits Mr Davey!

Milly Moo said...

Happy Birthday Davey - Oktoberfest is waaaay better than your other three (as yet unrealised dreams).

Really, all that turning thirty means is that you no longer have to get sucked into listening to stupid music, wear ridiculous clothes or go out to places you'd rather throw up in.

Enjoy your travels - at least you're turning brown, whereas I, after two weeks in Qld, still have legs like fluoro tubes!