Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anabolic Rhetoric

The two day White House environmental 'summit' concluded today with President George W. Bush outlining his plan to achieve what his environmental minister James Connaughton describes as the 'aspirational' goal of reducing greenhouse gas emisions.

When asked to clarify exactly what was meant by this definition, Bush declined, saying that while he aspired to answer the question directed at him, in reality he had no intention of actually doing so.


eleanor bloom said...

Not aspirational again! Aaargh!!!

That word drives me nutty.

Bush. The man should aspire to be a properly elected president. Actually, to be a proper anything.

The Man at the Pub said...

Wasn't that the outcome of APEC recently, a whole bunch of aspirations were declared. It's good to see our elected "leaders" taking a strong stand on the important issues.