Friday, October 12, 2007


I really should be putting my new and improved CV together, as the finances are dwindling faster than.. ummm.. my stockpile of similes. Its job findin' time, and although I realise that this is the inevitable consequence of blowing my vast squillions on the open road, I can't quite find it within myself to start looking. Not. quite. yet.

In the meantime, I suggest we do something pointless. No, we've already invaded Iraq, lets do something else instead.

My suggestion, read some of Craig Dack's penpal correspondences. If these don't tickle your funny bone, your best bet is to take up wearing brown suits and start discussing actuarial accounting at your next dinner party.

Totally Craig Dack's Penpal Correspondence with Sandra Adams

Totally Craig Dack's Penpal Correspondence with Wole Benson

Totally Craig Dack Wins the Lotto

Ok, so like, his name's not really Craig Dack. And he's not really from Bathurst. So that gives you every right to be offended, okay?

Thanks to Eleanor for the reminder, and to Bernie for the link.


eleanor bloom said...

These are awesome. I love that he's at Chickoroll Ave.

When I next have a creative moment to spare I'm going to reply to some of my newly made email friends (gosh, suddenly I'm so popular - about a dozen different people throwing their money at me - amazing how many are in the exact same situation).

davey said...

Do it! I've always said that there is not time better spent than on the single-minded pursuit of pointless badgering.

The Blakkat said...

Funny bone suitably tickled, thanks :-)... chickoroll ave ~giggle~