Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Energy equals.. umm.. Multiplied..

Soooo excited about Mariah's new album:

Things I would like to ask Mariah Carey
By Davey

  1. Who was the famous physicist responsible for your new album's namesake?
  2. What does the variable c correspond to in that particular equation?
  3. What is that round white thing in the sky when it's not day?

That last one is in there just to throw her. I'm pretty sure her publicist would have prepped her for the other two.


Jo said...

There's really only one question for Mariah.


davey said...

God, you're quick. Remind me never to go gunslingin' with you.

Felix for Zosia said...

She must know lots of complicated stuff about gravity, because I don't know how else those mega-boobs aren't having chit chats with her belly button.

Kath Lockett said...

I really only have this question for her: Why don't you try wearing a polo neck some time?

The Blakkat said...

Oh, I get it!! MC stands for Mariah Carey, yeah... Mariah Carey squared. Oh, that's just scary. Isn't one enough for this world? Why do we have to have her squared? Geez, most of us would just settle for a double. Ego maniac.

The Blakkat said...

BTW, I know how much you love to be tagged so, well, you're up! (Eleanor already tagged you on this one, but thought you could do with some extra prodding).

Rosie said...

oooh, ladies! and Davey! miaow!

kiki said...

all credit to mariah, she was super hot and has had the second most amount of number 1's of all time.

credit where credit is due (i'd love to bed her (10 years ago))

davey said...

Felix: heh heh.. chitchats. If I recall, the theory of gravity had something to do with orbiting celestial spheres, so you could be right on the money there.

Come now Kath, let's not confuse the poor dear with philosophical questions.

Stackhat: thanks. really.

Rosie: Right. And I would totally be Casanova too if it wasn't for those.. meddling kids!

Keeks: That's really interesting, because I read somewhere that she also has the second most vacuous soul of all time too. Not sold.

eleanor bloom said...

What is she doing? Checking her deodorant??

AJ said...

Well it's a better title than Beyonce's album called B-Day.
Ya B-Day, you that album that wouldn't wipe your arse with ?

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