Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When NineMSN turns bad


I think not.

Incidentally, my keycard still hasn't arrived, which means I've now been 4 months in London without access to money. Any money. At all. Except Mums. Thanks Mum!

So, I'm now building presents for people out of whatever I can scrounge together. Because my scrounging skills are somewhat limited, I've decided that homemade cards, mixtapes, and compliments are the go this year.

I've just made a new Hackney acquaintance that is well into (shudder) Phil Collins. She loves him dearly, so I thought I'd put together a Phil Collins covers CD for her. You know, as a means of her weaning herself off him.

My research has so far yielded thus:

And this:

The Postal Service - Against All Odds

I'm kinda digging on both of them. Tell me I'm wrong.


Rosie said...

mix tapes are the best presents ever. i still treasure the ones my boyfriend made for me when i was 16. you could make a business of it, Davey, earn yourself a few beer vouchers for the christmas.

davey said...

Brilliant plan. Lord knows I love beer, and am quite fond of vouchers too.

My only concern is the potential creepiness factor. A friend told me a story whereby the lad in question went a touch overboard in the decoration stakes. You know, movie ticket stub montage, mini version of the email he first asked her out, photos of the girl with crayon love heart borders...

I think as long as I avoid those indiscretions, and putting on songs like Sting's "I'll be watching you", I'm home and hosed.

Mars said...

that clip was 100% awesome!!

jezzism said...

no money except yr mum's... ammm... excuse me?

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