Tuesday, July 17, 2007

county coffee

Back in the UK again. This morning we returned to London from visiting a friend in the northern county of Oxfordshire. The place can be pretty much summed up in a conversation I had when trying to get coffee.

me: G'day (trying to sound aussie)

sweet old biddy: 'ello love.

me: Could i grab a latte please?

sob: Sure thing love. Now, do want milk with that?

me: ....

sob: ... ?

me: uuuumm.. naaaah, just the latte. Thanks.

We had a laugh we did. Innit?


May said...

Ah, British "cuisine".

Did you manage to get something resembling a latte in the end? Or even something resembling coffee? Have also had the odd spot of trouble with that in the past...

davey said...

Erm... it tasted like coffee and it woke me up for about 10 minutes - Which conveniently was just enough time for me to get back on the train, find a seat, and go back to sleep.

I'm sure the countryside was beautiful.