Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dr Glockenspiel Mix 1

The Irish dreamer thinks that mixtapes are the best presents ever. I'm guessing that's because she's never been the proud recipient of a lovingly wrapped hovercraft, you know, specifically. On a ratio that grades fun factor versus the potential for amphibious transportation, mixtapes by their very nature would rate quite low -- but then no-one has ever gotten laid because of their devil-may-care attitude toward giving people vehicles that can tackle any types of terrain. At least as far as I know.

And let's be honest. That's why people make mixtapes. As Nick Hornby pointed out in the book 'High Fidelity', a mixtape is like giving someone a letter using other people's poetry. If that's true, an amateur mixtape full of crappy poetry can be a dangerous thing. Give someone a stinker and your romantic hopes could be dashed forever. After all, the last thing likely to get a potential lover swooning is a 90 minute collection of Lymerick equivalents all relating to that man from Kantucket.

Luckily I have a sciency friend from Germania who is right on the money when it comes to mixtapes. He sent me one the other day that I thought I'd share with you:

How are you my friend? I hope everything is okay for you. I have some new girl where I met in my work, do you remember I tell you this story? Here are the songs that make us nostalgia.

1. Sweet Charles - Yes it’s You (mp3)
2. Sparkadia - Morning Light (mp3)
3. Phoenix - Consolation Prizes (mp3)
4. Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (mp3)
5. The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning (mp3)
6. Kings Of Leon - Fans (mp3)
7. Slow Club - Because We’re Dead (mp3)
8. Ambulance LTD - New English (mp3)
9. Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life (mp3)
10. Sarah McLachlan -Blackbird (mp3)
11. Madeleine Peyroux - Don’t Wait Too Long (mp3)
12. Sondre Leche - The Curse of Being in Love (mp3)
13. Yves Klein Blue - Polka (mp3)
14. The Shins -A Comet Appears (mp3)
15. Soko - I’ll Kill Her (mp3)

(Download complete mixtape here)

I meet this girl when I am singing the first song you see here by Sweet Charles. We are in the lab, and I am making a joke with the words and changing them. I am singing "Yes it's U-235, yes it's U-235" and I am laughing since this is being the periodic table element for Uranium. Hilda, she is coming right over to me and telling me that if I really wanted to make love forever to Uranium, I should choose U-238 since the half-life is being more than 6 times instead of U-235. She is a very funny girl, I like her more than 6 times.

I am happy to receive you in my house next time you are coming to Munich, it's when you want man!

See you soon,
Helmut G.


Rosie said...

"I'm guessing that's because she's never been the proud recipient of a lovingly wrapped hovercraft, you know, specifically."

my birthday is on feb 21st, Davey. make it happen.

Red sent me a mix tape the other day. i like it an awful lot. i don't know if that's why she makes them though.



red said...

I was going to say the Irish dreamer was so excited because her mix tape was from me and it was fantastic, but then I realised she had said so herself- it's nice to know she's not only saying she likes the mix to me.
Your mix looks really cool. I'm going to give it some respectful listening later this afternoon.

davey said...

Now where on earth am I going to locate a hovercraft this late in the boating season? If I can pull it off, you have to give me rides to work in it.

Red, just went and had a gander at yours too, there's TONS of stuff I've never heard of! Too late to request one?

Rosie said...

stop calling me the Irish Dreamer, you prats! and Red, i broadcast my love for you and it on my blog. everybody reads that, don't they?

Davey, done.

The Blakkat said...

And have you ever given a mixed tape to someone you were hopeing to woo, young Davey? And if so, how successful was it?

Milly Moo said...

(Setting aside her zimmer frame for a moment): Heavens to Betsy, young whipper snappers - I've only heard of two of the artists on your mix tape (Sarah McL and the Shins). I think I'll put my teeth back in now.....

Annie Rhiannon said...

Hi Davey... thanks for offer of scans but I bought mag myself. Cheers dude and happy belated Australia day! xx

davey said...

Blakkat, sadly, never successful. On a completely different subject, I would never recommend including Billy Fields - 'You weren't in love with me' on a love mix.

Don't worry too much Mill, mixtapes are supposed to showcase the extent of ones eclectic musical tastes. If it makes you feel any better, I'll put one together that only has male bands from the 80s that wore makeup..?

Annie, thanks cobber!

red said...

Nope, it's not too late, I have to head to the post office on Saturday to pay some bills so send me your address. My email is on my profile.

eleanor bloom said...

Any guy who bought me a hovercraft would definitely get some rides.

(Loved them since crossing the channel as a wee lass)

Strangely enough I went to borrow High Fidelity from the library the other day (it was out btw).

Helmut very funny man. Sexy too. He can whisper string-theory sweet-nothings in my shell-like ear any time.

davey said...

You've ridden in a freakin hovercraft? But I thought they were just a myth like Unicorns, Santa Clause and governments that behave ethically.

Now I'm no genius when it comes to joining up the dots, but does that mean I can cross the channel on a Unicorn?


eleanor bloom said...

It was awesome. Never understood them putting that darn tunnel there. Trains... cars... bah! Mind you, you'll need it to cross on your Unicorn. I think you ought to try Pegasus meself.