Monday, February 18, 2008

Deer Diary

London was beautiful yesterday. Cath and I went for an amble through the sun glazed Victoria park, which ended with us feeding deer at an enclosure found at the eastern end. Nearby we overheard a boy querying his mum: "All deer can fly, right Mummy? Not just the ones in the rain?"


Jo said...

Surprisingly, you do twee and soppy quite well.

And I kind of want to bite that little boy's nose.

Annie Rhiannon said...

Too cute. Are you getting broody?

Kath Lockett said...

Hmm, methinks Davey might even be----dare I say it---- happy? Pray tell, who is Cath?

kiki said...

oh. "deer"
i get it...

Cath is his woman
actually, Davey is her man

davey said...

He would have had you Jo, these Hackney kids are brawlers from birth.

Broody Annie? I know not of such words. I'm afraid you'll have to communicate with me using words I recognise, such as unreliable, immature and irresponsible. Ohh how we'll talk then.

Well well, Kath Lockett! Mill, I think you forgot to change completely out of your alter-ego outfit when leaving the phone booth this morning. As Keeks so elegantly put it, Cath is my 'woman' - A lovely English girl I've been seeing for a few months now.

We spend a lot of time together, but its early days.

kiki said...

well well mr "i don't want to jump into anything too fast"

i thought you practically lived with her? (as in, spend every night together)

or is this conversation not appropriate here?

Kath Lockett said...

Good to hear Davey and I like her name. Enjoy, stay 'irresponsible, immature and unreliable' but in a good, cute boyfriendy kind of way, okay?

kiki said...

and remember; if it's not on, it's not on

Mars said...

i liked cath... she was (as they say) well friendly. and the other two as well... forgot their names, met at the post office though, they were nice aswell.

oh, and you were ok too.

as for the post though, kiki seems to be the only one who gets it... guess i'm just missing that superior wit you two seem to share. you're SUCH man-lovers.

jezzism said...

i second the "walk in vic park and feed the deers is a great date motion". hope the sun comes out this weekend!

how are you going davey? the house is remarkably quiet and non-cheese smelling without ya.