Monday, November 26, 2007

Freedom: Chaos with better lighting.

Life can be pretty confusing sometimes. Cataclysmic events can be spawned by seemingly innocuous moments in time that have little or nothing to do with the eventual outcome. Explained reasons are often bewildering and abstract. People's motivations are concealed behind a smoke screen of subterfuge, obfuscated even from themselves. Cause and effect, logic and reason, action causing reaction (or over-reaction) are all ill-defined in a world where it is said that the disturbance created by a flutter of a butterfly's wings can eventually lead to atmospheric havoc.

Spooky huh? Think about it too much and your head will explode. I don't want to alarm you, but it can happen.

It's no wonder we're all nervous wrecks. Constantly fearful as we are by the possibility of anti-social exploding head death (Boom. Who brought that guy?), it's a welcome relief when you see something that immediately answers one of life's many questions. Whose logic is irrefutable. Where the validity of the argument is so inescapable that you wonder why you ever questioned it in the first place.

Take the following picture for instance. Now, the question: "Why didn't this guy get invited to the work Christmas party?"...

..can immediately be answered with: "Well simply because his fruitcake basket had reached such critical levels of ding-a-ling that he thought it wise to noose a baby effigy from the roof of his forklift."

You see? I imagine that you're now all slapping your foreheads good-naturedly and muttering "Of course! Now why didn't I see that one coming."

ps: How disturbing is that photo? Yeesh.


Jo said...


I need a picture of a puppy chasing a butterfly, STAT.

Mars said...

somewhat weird...!

Milly Moo said...

Lordy...! That's one guy I don't want looking after my house when I'm holidays, that's for sure...let alone lending him my stapler at work....!

kiki said...

i'm not a nervous wreck

i'm about to get kicked out of uni, which means i'd lose my job and be disowned by my parents, but it's not bothering me too much

is that photo sick?
yes and no
it depends who you ask

for example, if monty python did something like that in a skit, it'd be, potentially, quite hilarious

everything has to be viewed in context

eleanor bloom said...

It will surely be removed soon by Occ Health and Safety.

Kid's not wearing a hardhat.

Seriously though. I'm hoping this guy hasn't been allowed to procreate.

davey said...

No can do sorry mate. I only have pictures of dogs eating butterflies, and one of Margaret Thatcher.

That's nothing. You should have seen the bumper sticker. Something about Magic Happening or whatever. Weirdo.

It's okay, I threw him off your trail. I told him to go to the house whose renovations were quote 'really coming along'. He'll never find your place.

I'm a big fan of relativism. But surely a parrot nailed to perch has significantly more comedic possibilities than a hangman motif featuring little uns? Maybe I'm just out of touch.

davey said...

There's no way he could've. I've already tried that pulling technique and it's inherently flawed.