Thursday, November 15, 2007

Smooth Operator


My new VAIO laptop: Young, hip, bright-eyed and full of revolutionary fervor had been struggling for months under the crippling yoke of an oppressive Windows Vista operating system. The media had been gaged, the people too frightened to resist. Their memory was full with all too vivid recollections from previous market crashes due to the overloading of the local pathways.

There was only one thing for it. Revolution!

Taking to the streets, the people formatted the laptop and rejoiced. There was a feeling of hope and self-determination in the air, despite the quiet whisperings of losing a lifetimes worth of carefully cataloged pornography during the uprising. Such things were of no consequence however, as reformation was finally occurring in their beloved laptop. The new system of government would operate with more efficiency than ever before, and never falter in its efforts to boot, process & copy. Viva la Windows XP!

What? Device drivers? Crap. No access to wireless to download drivers. Rgh. Ok fine, download them at work. Software revision 2? I thought I had it. Whatever, download that too. System freeze during the install of software revision. Oh Crap Crap Craaap.

VAIO Website: "Warranty void if Vista removed."


Ok, maaaybe should have researched that information prior to bringing about the downfall of an entrenched institution using questionable tactics. I thought it was going to be all motorcycles and barn dances. Damn you, Che.


kiki said...

vista is the worst thing ever

you should have backed up your porn before you reformatted

Jo said...


You're like, a massive geek, huh.

Mikey said...

Vista is eeeeeeeeevil.

eleanor bloom said...

Well. I understood the bits that were in English...

Glad I'm not geek/up-to-date enough to have Vista then. I have been warned!

That's a shame Davey. Those VAIOs are so cute!

davey said...

Where were you when I needed you?

I believe the more sensitive terminology is 'socially challenged', although i suspect the insult loses some of its validity coming from someone who compares butt sizes of the Australian Idol massif.

Where were you when I needed you? v2.0

Fear not, I *will* find a workaround. Otherwise how will I ever ascend to the ranks of uber-nerd? I shudder.

Jo said...

a) Not really an insult. More of a shout-out. Wow. I really hate the phrase 'shout-out'

b) It's WORK, man. Hard, muscular work.