Thursday, November 22, 2007

Must. Become. Destitute.

As if the urge to spend all of my money on eBay wasn't strong enough already without this kind of incentive being thrown into the mix:

"You know, it's nice and stuff, but I've only got three records and one of them is Barbara Streisand."

"But its got your name written on it dude."



Mikey said...

Oooh 5-Pin DIN

Mars said...

well that's fairly rad...

Milly Moo said...

Excellent purchase dude! And it's a 'Phillips' - that's the colour TV we got when the telly went from B&W to colour in 1974

Jo said...

That's not fair. All I get is questions about where I'm going with that gun in my hand.

Luckily, my name isn't "Ribbed For Her Pleasure". That would just be weird.
And make it difficult to get a bank loan.

davey said...

At the risk of tainting my nerdular reputation, what do those things do again?

Thanks. My theory is 'rad by ownership, not association'.

I think we used to have a Philips TV too! I used to play my Commodore 64 games on it. *sigh*

Well, at least Hey Joe is a kickass song. I'm really lucky because you can change any song with 'baby' in it to 'davey'.

For example:

"Davey come back"
"When something is wrong, with my Davey"
"Hit me Davey one more time"

And so on, and so on.

The Blakkat said...

Davey, I understand the impulse to buy things with your label on it, but I still think it was a poor purchasing decision. What the hell are you actually going to do with it now? Play Nana Mouskouri records on it?

Mikey said...

DIN cable looks a lot like a midi cable. It was a short lived standard of connecting up audio stuff. I think the germans were keen on it.

Good luck finding an amplifier you can plug that record player in to dude.

yours in nerd-dom,

davey said...

I'm sure that my Nana would love me playing her records, regardless of whether I was wearing mouscara at the time or not.

Didn't end up getting it. I got another one instead. Bam!

davey said...