Tuesday, May 13, 2008

World Tour of Burger Establishments

With thanks to Charlie

We live in the United Kingdom, which enjoys a fine culinary history of hastily delivered dining. Not only do we have McDonalds and the Colonels Fried Chicken, but we even have a place called PFC (the P stands for perfect, although I assume its in a 'love you just the way you are' kinda perfect).

The king of the hill, so to speak, has always been the greasy tarmac known as Burger King.

United Kingdom

Which got me thinking. Are we alone in our enjoyment of burgers that have more than cheese than common sense? What do other countries partake in when it comes to foodstuffs that even mould tends to avoid?

I decided to find out.




United Arab Emirates

Vatican City

That's all we need; A burger joint run by people who for 2000 years have traded solely on guilt.

At least it'll be convenient in the event of needing your last rights read out.


Rosie said...

you're missing out on the twin pillars of irish cuisine - Abrakebabra and Supermacs.

davey said...

Which reminds me.. Favourite Kebab shop ever:

Jason's Doner-van.

Felix for Zosia said...

Is Wimpy's still about in the UK? Could you please make an erudite yet witty comment on the subject? Ta.

davey said...

define: erudite

Ohhh. And here I was thinking you wanted me to make a sedimentary rock joke.

Kath Lockett said...

Burger King was Wimpys I think...?

How about Burger Dictator?

Fave burger shop in Adelaide - the very honestly named BURP.

kiki said...

Jason's Doner-van


get it maths boy? M = Mega = 10^6