Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Overheard on the train back from Brighton:

"You know Mery's cet? Yeh, the fet one. Wull it got run over by a car end lost ets tail. Et must heve bin bed, because now et kearn't crep!"


"Mery's cet. Et kearn't crep! Et'd do my hid in."

A very tired Cath rose grumpily from my lap, not being able to contest any further with the tales of feline constipation. "Mery's cet is doing a lot of people's hids in today." she explained to me, and at least 3 other people within earshot.

Kiwis. As ubiquitous as Australians, but just a smidgen noisier.


Annie Rhiannon said...

I first read this as a posh English person.

Jo said...

I suppose it can't shut, either.

Kath Lockett said...

Yeah, but where would Hammersmith be without all the Kiwis there, crammed twelve-to-the-dozen in one-bedroom flats?

What wes Ceth doing in yer LEP enywey?

Rosie said...

what Annie said. try it, it's funnier that way.

davey said...

I'm hoping that says more about your knowledge of New Zealand Annie than it does my ability to correctly convey accents. Maybe my future novel can be a South Island Jane Austin? "Pride and Pregnant" does have a certain ring to it.

Jo, only after taking a lexutive I expect.

Geographically speaking, around about the same place Kath; although I'm sure the local weed industry would suffer.

..and I would love to tell you something more exciting, but Ceth was sleeping, and dreaming of me I assume. Only with more muscles. Maybe a rockabilly hairstyle. Yeah.

davey said...

Great. So now I'm funnier inadvertantly. I'm like the original Batman and Robin.