Monday, May 19, 2008


We take team bonding very seriously at my company. It's not that we want to play network car racing games every lunchtime or stay for that extra pint on a Friday night; it's more of a necessity. You see, when you work in an industry where your very safety balances on a knife edge, you have to know that Goncalo 'Battlestar Galactica' Pereira has his wits about him, and that the guy who always smells of Doritos who you call Paul but who probably isn't called Paul is a man of his word. What I'm saying is you have to know that pseudo-Paul has your back, and that you have his. That's the life of a software developer. We don't expect people to understand.

Which is why the other Dave and I invented this new game called Slebs. Slebs stands for 'Celebs with small heads'. The game is cunning in its simplicity in that you have to photoshop a famous celebrity so that their head is smaller. Then you send it to the other person so that they laugh and hopefully get lambasted by someone of authority, or at the very least get some derisive looks. It's a great game. Here, let me show you:

Sleb 1 - Hulk Hogan (dave)

I was always a bigger fan of Andre the Giant. But it had nothing to do with The Princess Bride, I swear. Anybody want a peanut?

Sleb 2 - Mr. T (me)

Sleb 3 - Rocky (dave)

Look at the shorts. That's attention to detail right there kids. That's how we beat the Russians. Some might tell you it was economics, but they'd be wrong. It was shorts detail.

Sleb 4 - Han and Chewie (me)

If I had a small head, I'd try and look all unperturbed about it too. I'd be all.. "It's coool man, just chillin with my big dog and my small head. It aint no thang."

Sleb 5 - Bill and Hillary

Sleb 6 - Big Bird

Check it out, I even made Mr Hooper look all uncomfortable with his upside down frown and whatnot. Ahh Hooper. Never could handle a bit of malformed bird head.

Sleb 7 - Jon Bon Jovi (Dave)

For all you guitar players, look at his chord hand. It's not a chord!

Bon Jovi is mediocre -- You heard it here first.

Sleb 8 - King Kong

Could you ever love me? Even though I'm a big monkey? It's the head isn't it. You don't go for dudes with disproportionately sized heads. *Sigh* I needs a banana.

More people with smaller heads than you would care to look at over at You know what they say about small heads though, right? Small hats. Very small hats.


Rosie said...

you're my hero.

Kath Lockett said...

You are a CACK Davey! I had a good laugh at Han and Chewie - great stuff and just what I need before driving nervously across town to run an HOUR LONG session (after lunch on the final day) on work/life balance.....

eleanor bloom said...

Yes, I'm sure they'd all say they more than make up for such peewee heads in other areas.

Not that I'd like to see you and Dave further develop this idea of course!

Unless you understand me to mean big arses... Then that's ok...

Annie Rhiannon said...

Bill Clinton is the best.

The Blakkat said...

Han & Chewie, winners. Although Rocky comes in a close 2nd. I was hoping for Arnie as the terminator, can it be done?