Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weddings, parties, anything

On Saturday night I accidentally invited all of my friends home to my apartment after a great wedding. It was completely out of my control really; we'd had an absolute cracker of a time, the speeches we're unforgettable and I was drunk not only on booze, but on the love of friends I hadn't seen for a gazillion years. Mostly on booze though.

The way we like to get 'jiggy' at this time of night (couldn't reaaaally tell you, shall we say 3?) is to play guitars and sing our little lungs out. Group hugging optional. Songs of choice are currently:

* Zombie - Cranberries
* Toxicity - System of a Down
* More than words - Extreme
* Babe I'm gonna leave you - Led Zeppelin
* Hit me baby one more time - Britteny Spears (!)
(change 'baby' to 'davey' for added effect)

... you can see where this is going, right? Anyway, not long after we starting torturing these songs with our fumigated lungs, I started receiving text messages from my previously-asleep-and-dreaming-of-people-not-playing-guitar roomie. He's not real good with noise, it's got to be said. A TV in the other room is enough for him to lose precious hours. At that time, we would have been the equivalent of about 20 TVs and a medium sized Bobcat Goldthwait. That's in decibels mind, personally I likened our sound to that of angels being squeezed.

I wasn't very understanding to his woes. My thoughts at the time were along the lines of "it's Saturday damnit" and "my best friends are here damnit" and "Ooo I wonder if there is any wine left in the fridge, damnit?".

The following night, he enters my room explaining that we 'have to' have a talk. I apologised profusely. I still didn't think I was *that* out of order, but couldn't be bothered having any antagonism during my last 3 weeks in Sydney.

Because I'm so thoughtful, I've decided to make it up to him with some presents. I'm confident he'll recognise the ironic humour in my gifts of:

* A fine bottle of Sav Blanc
* My latest demo tape

If he doesn't, I'm in for a rough 3 weeks.

Finger's crossed.

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