Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Je Taime

It was only after watching this film that I picked up that the title actually means 'Paris, I love you'. I was under the impression it meant something else, the blame for which could be passed on to either my friend Boggo for being ill-informed or directly to me (way more likely) for being ill-attentive when she was attempting to explain it. In my defence, I was in Brisbane at the time and most likely flustered from the change in my meteorological environment or possibly because I'd just heard a loud noise or something. I also may or may not have been drunk. It would be wise at this time to ponder one of the timeless assertions of Oscar Wilde:

"Alcohol, if taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication."

Mm. Ponder. *assumes 'the thinker' position*

Yes, I think there's something in that for all of us.

Aaaanyway, the movie was great. 18 different stories of love (and life) in Paris, all done by different directors and with intertwining themes and story lines. My beautiful and engaging accomplice in this venture and I had many interesting post-movie discussions and were able TO RECALL EVERY SINGLE STORY EVEN THOUGH IN WAS FOUR IN THE MORNING WHEN WE MADE THE ATTEMPT AND HAD ONLY JUST BEEN PULLED OVER BY THE FUZZ. Took us a while but we did it. I was strictly there for the ride; she wasted me about 13-5.

Favourite quote:

(scene: aged man and woman. Soon to be divorced. Man has younger woman in the picture. Obviously tepid relationship. A single moment of fond discussion occurs regarding their elopement many years prior)

Man: "..and we would have gotten away with it too, had you been able to keep that beautifully sarcastic mouth or yours shut"

Woman: "Or if you'd been able to keep those impeccably tailored pants of yours, on"


Oh yeh, I almost accidentally killed a skater last night by rear ending him in my car. It was wet and dark and we totally didn't see him flying down the road behind us. It made a sickening crash, but thankfully he was fine. I'm not sure, but I could have been even more stoked than him that nothing happened. What I am sure about is that we both simultaneously shat ourselves. Good times.

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Judy P said...

Oh my god I swear I wrote my blog tonight before reading yours....we love Cecile De France too!! Have you seen her in "The Singer".

I want to buy Paris je t'aime when it comes out - memorise each of the 19 Arrondisements settings and then go and visit them when we are next in Paris. We loved the Pere Lecherce (??) cemetery story too!

Where did you find your little Jonny Howard graffiti? What a ripper.