Sunday, June 3, 2007

Top 10 worst pick up lines

As compiled by Davey Casanovo, Will 'lay me down' Styles, and Matt the Love Rat.

1. "Geez, for a fat girl you don't sweat much." When she cracks the shits say: "Just kidding, you're sweating like a pig"

2. "Care to play a game of genital chicken with me?"

3. "Hey baby... You got a hot daughter?"

4. "Can I borrow some money to buy you a drink?"
We think this one could work based on cute appeal. Feedback k plz.

5. "Ever get the feeling that it's NOT the new underwear that makes you itch?"

6. "You look young and easy, can i buy you a soft drink?"

7. "Out of all the girls in here, you're definitely the one I haven't spoken to yet."

8. "Man, if i didn't have such an overwhelming urge to get into a fistfight, i could sit here and talk to you all night."

9. "I'll add you on myspace if you have me on my space bed." *

10. "Oh you remind me of someone i knew at school.......was your name Keith?"

* This is my space bed:

Space. Bed.

1 comment:

Will Styles said...

Reminds me of my space bed, but mine has better astronaut sounds.