Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't look.. I'm hideous!

Inspired as I was by the lovely Miss Bloom's foray into pop art inspired cartoonery, I thought it wise to show my own efforts in contorting the public image of myself:

That's right, read it and weep suckers. The story behind this frankensteinal monstrosity was that I was attempting to demonstrate to my friend Leah the intricacies of a particular outfit I had planned for a friend's engagement party. What's that? Well yes, OF COURSE it was during work hours, as if I would have bothered otherwise?

Anyway, I suppose it had the desired effect. She immediately printed it out onto A3 paper and stuck it up in her team's shared cubicle space, thereby turning it into their unofficial mascot. For all I know my poor characture is currently sporting 3 cheap plastic darts sticking out of his obliviously smiling cranium.

Everything happens for a reason I guess.


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Jo said...

I was gonna say that.

davey said...


Eleanor Bloom said...


Er, is that a cyber Ned Kelly creeping up behind you?

Also, did you REALLY wear that, um, outfit?
From your Eiffel pic, green sneakers with blue shirt (and socks?!), I suspect this may be the case.

Dude, no wonder you're asking for sock advice...

davey said...

Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor... SOOO much to learn. Don't worry, we still have time!

Yes, of course I wore that outfit, and was the belle of the ball no less. As for the shoes, I seem to have developed a penchant for green shoes. Yeh, I dunno. Green.

Mars said...

i think it's a lovely outfit... even if the legs do look a little.. uhh.. squat. hehe