Thursday, August 16, 2007


Speaking of Copenhagen's general aversion to anything non-law-abiding, have a crack at this:

Can you spot the two things wrong with it? Here I'll help you.. you're taking too long.

1. People would not idly stand by without trying to immediately turn ducks into duck pancakes. Even if they were Danish. As everyone knows, it's contrary to human nature.
(formula being: life = willingness to eat duck pancakes x Pi)

2. People would not be smiling at this blatant disregard for the Dansk pedestrian road processes! They would be CHASING them with STICKS and singing viking war songs loud enough to chill the blood in your veins. Believe me, it's fuckin frightful.

No disrespect to Hans Christian Anderson, or indeed, any of his subsequent offspring; I'm sure they're all delightful. But it has to be said here and now that the man was A CHARLETON.

I think the abundance of evidence here clearly speaks for itself.


Mars said...

i like the dude in the over-sized fez.


Eleanor Bloom said...

Make up your mind! Do you want duck pancakes or pie?

Natural! to kill the dear duckies!! And you pick on me as cruel to animals!? (hey, I was 2!) You horrible beast. Only today was I feeding ducks wandering through my garden.
And not because I was stuffing them TO EAT!!