Friday, August 3, 2007

To Do List

1. Fall out of love
2. Buy Socks

I can't work our whether this is self indulgent and depressing or emancipating. Might buy the socks first and see how I'm travelling.


Mai said...

2. Not white or black or blue or brown, I hope. Life is too short to wear or even to buy dull socks. Try some fluorescent colours or maybe polka dots.

1.. The best way to fall out of love is...merde! There is no best way, maybe no way at all. Contracting AIDS from a sex worker might distract you for a while, though.

Eleanor Bloom said...

Yeah, I'd think carefully about the socks.

Men have decided to fall out of love with me before, much to their great regret (OF COURSE!). But it was because they were actually really falling for me and were too scared to go there.
Of course, you may just be able to consider falling out of love because you weren't really that in love in the first place.
And thirdly!!!! ...The socks should be comfortable, and yes, definitely not brown or blue. I think black is ok, but really the best option would be knee-high multicoloured stripey socks with the individual toes. That way you can have a giggle in between ponderings.

davey said...

Mai, you don't know how unintentionally poignant you were just then!

Thank you both for the colour and style guides. I think that polka dots and stripes are both hearty suggestions and I will endeavour to track down multiple pairs from the Barcelonian street vendors. Rub.

As for the other thing, I think that Oscar Wilde said it best: "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit."

I don't get it.