Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen..

Introducing, my mate Will:

A face only a mother could love you say. Well I've asked her, and she's on the fence.

The above is his inspired getup for his upcoming gig at Splendor in the Grass in Byron. Will's quite proud really. He was telling me that this is now the second animal suit that he has in his collection.

"Although it is somewhat of a cliché to dress like a chicken," he said "I simply couldn't go past the amazing design of this number."

I suspect that it will have just as fine an impact as last year's Panda suit my friend, and will garner you just as many hugs. Good luck to you sir, and god speed.

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Eleanor Bloom said...

A man for who it's become a cliche to dress like a chicken. Impressive.

I've known a few guys like Will. One had to go to an "S" party, so he went as a Seal-clubber (ie. raincoat, baseball bat with a bit of 'bloody' fur at the end). And wearing an extraordinarily similar pleased-as-punch expression like Will. (Probably a less hug-worthy outfit though.)